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How it works

1. Input Session (30 min). We will take you through basic steps and pitfalls of creating your own board game, draw your attention to possible mistakes and the ways of avoiding them. You will learn 8 basic rules of game moderation and by the end of the session you will be fully equipped with the tools and enthusiasm to test your knowledge.

2. English on Board Game (1h30min). Theory is good but practice is even better. You will be a participant of the game, practice your English skills according to your level (there is always something to learn) and at the same time assess a professional moderator.

3. Feedback (15 min). We will be happy to answer all the question you might have. And you will get a chance to criticize our moderator, underline some unprofessional issues and assure us that you will definitely do it better in your class.


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board game pitfalls

Moderate your board session
price - 20 BYN

video worksheet writing

Moderate your board session

Game Pitfalls - coming soon

Moderate your Board session
price - 30 BYN